Adhaar Movie Review

 Adhaar Movie Review

Director Ramnath Pazhanikumar and actor Karunaas together earlier worked in ‘Ambasamuthiram Ambani’, which was a comedy entertainer laced with some good valuable elements. After a long hiatus, the same duo is back with ‘Adhaar’, which holds a strong and intense plot as its premise.

The story revolves around the protagonist (Karunaas), who is a laborer at the construction site. His pregnant wife (Rythvika) undergoes labor pain and is rushed to the Government hospital. Urged by situations, a woman (Iniya) comes to her aid, and when the protagonist returns back to the hospital, he sees his wife gone missing and Iniya found dead in a mysterious way. In the nick of time, Karunaas with his newborn baby has to now find the whereabouts of his missing wife and unravel the mystery behind the gruesome death of Iniya.

Actor Karunaas has always proved his ample proficiency in serious roles in an impeccable style. Be it lead characters or the supporting roles, he has never missed scoring the brownie points. He has efficiently carried out this role with excellence and serves as the major strength of the film. The other one, who instantly steals our attention is Baahubali fame Prabhakar, who appears as the police officer. Although there are promising actors like Arun Pandian, Uma Riaz, and Iniya, they don’t get the scope to establish their potential. Rythvika is okay with her performance.

Ramnath has neatly crafted the screenplay, where the first half has lots of racy and suspense elements and the second half deals with the ruling class that tries to keep Rythvika as the trump card to keep their conniving acts veiled.

The songs by Srikanth Deva don’t appeal to our interests, and the background score is somewhat passable. Mahesh Muthusamy’s cinematography is top-notch, and it keeps adding more intensity to the film’s premise.

On the whole, Although Adhaar has interesting moments in places, it would have been great if the director had tried including a few more engrossing moments in this movie.

Verdict: Keeps us engaged with its nitty-gritty gripping moments in the decent graph
Rating: 3/5

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