Agent Kannayiram Review

 Agent Kannayiram Review

Actor Santhanam is gradually attempting to shift from comedian-to-comedy-centric hero characters-to-serious ones. Say for instance, he tickled our funny bones with A1 and Dhillukku Dhuddu franchise followed by a diplomatic role in ‘Sabapathy’. Both the attempts worked out very well for him, except for the serious strokes as in ‘Gulu Gulu’ and now ‘Agent Kannayiram’.

Yes, the script is good, and the original version Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya struck the right chords as a ‘Surprise Winner’. Having stated the term ‘Surprise Winner’, it becomes a huge challenge as concerned with the remake. Yes, the films with mass heroes have a pre-written formula and hence, they would find an absolute success to the maximum. For example, Chandramukhi, Pokkiri and Drishyam featuring biggest superstars in original and remake versions were hit. To make it more precise, the results are binary – Hit or Flop. But as far as concerned with the ‘Surprise Winners’, the results remain unpredictable with regional remakes. From the ‘Premam’ to ‘Ratchasan’ and few more of this genre, they didn’t show up good results. The reason is the native element that becomes totally inappropriate when it gets commuted to the other zone.

Over here, there’s nothing to blame Santhanam as he sticks at his best to give more life into the character. Unfortunately, the premise doesn’t offer him scope to score the brownie points. To be precise, the film itself is a wrong choice for Manoj Bheeda too has proved his calibre as a filmmaker with good making skills in his former directorial too. With such a talented team, the makers could have opted for a neat detective tale inspired by many successful novels here.

Overall, Agent Kannayiram is more like a perfect example of a Chartbuster song and a fantabulous dancer collaborate, but go out of synch.

Rating : 2.5/5

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