Agilan Movie Review

 Agilan Movie Review

Filmmaker Kalyana Krishnan in his previous films had distinctly proved that he has inherited the moviemaking traits from his mentor Late filmmaker SP Jhananathan. Significantly, his movies too focus upon the socio-realistic backdrops. While his previous film ‘Bhoologam’ focalized on the adverse impact on world of sports with the corporate involvement, he picks up harbor as the backdrop for his latest outing ‘Agilan’, which again features Jayam Ravi in the lead role.

A crane operator (Jayam Ravi) poses as a leader of illegal activities in the port area and clashes with the bigwigs of the premise. What’s the hidden story behind his motive forms the basic plot of the story.

Bringing up the positives first, Jayam Ravi keeps delivering a mature performance from one film to his next. He has a perfect physique, which loudly calls for the attention of action filmmakers. In fact, he is an asset to the stunt team, as his flexibility and ability to deliver agile action sequences is brilliant. If you’re looking up for something positive about the filmmaker Kalyana Krishnan, it is obviously, his ability to delve into unexplored domains. We never came across such a vast backdrop of harbor on the big screens for a longer stretch.

On the flip side, the director, who has taken scrutinizing efforts to showcase the unknown world of harbor fails to deliver a promising screenplay. The entire narrative looks plain and tedious in many places. The romantic portions between Jayam Ravi and Priya Bhavani Shankar are completely forced. Delete them, and it wouldn’t make any bigger difference to the main plot. Although Tanya Ravichandran’s character is short-lived, she makes a decent impact. Tarun Arora delivers a neat performance.

On the technical side, music director Sam CS has to realize that he is repeating the same musical pattern of ‘Vikram Vedha Title Song’ in all his movies. It would be better if he can step out of that zone, and offer us some fresh BGMs as in Kaithi. The cinematography is commendable as the visuals involving the harbor are perfectly shown.

Overall, if director Kalyana Krishnan had managed to blend the story with engrossing moments, Agilan would have been a laudable movie.

Verdict: Jayam Ravi’s screen presence and performances are the takeaways from Agilan

Rating: 2.75/5

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