“Carbon will be a first-of-its-kind genre with a unique story” – ‘Carbon’ filmmaker Srinivasan

 “Carbon will be a first-of-its-kind genre with a unique story” – ‘Carbon’ filmmaker Srinivasan

Actor Vidharth, whose career has been filled with movies based on unique content, is all set to entertain us with a new-fangled genre. It’s all about his upcoming film ‘Carbon’ directed by Srinuvasan of Vijay Antony’s Annadurai fame. The story revolves around an ambitious man (played by Vidharth), who desires to become the police, and is making headway hands down until an uncalled-for event strikes. Does he manage to overcome the hurdles, tackle the situation, and accomplish his dreams forms the crux of this story. The protagonist has a dream while he is asleep, where his father meets a car accident. While he wakes up only to realize that it’s a mere dream, situations become bizarre, when it turns out to be true, the very next day. He gets perplexed to see the exact scenario in his dream including the car, place and every minute detail is the same in reality as well. While he is running short of money that is required to save his father from the critical condition and is unaware of the person behind the accident, what unfolds next is narrated with a series of thrills, twists, and turns.

Carbon has the story set against the nighttime and is shot in more than 50 locations. While Danya Balakrishnan is playing the female lead role, the others in the star cast include Marimuthu, Moonaru Ramesh, Pichaikaaran Murthy, Ramson Vinoth Sagar, Doubt Senthil, Baby Janu Prakash, and many more familiar actors.

Vivek Anandam Santhosh is handling cinematography, Sam CS is composing music and Praveen KL is handling editing. When asked about the long hiatus between the director’s previous film and ‘Carbon’, he says, “These days, a proper director, actor and producer with the right story has become a mandatory factor for a project to get materialized. Very few in the industry bank their trust on content. I am glad and lucky to have producers Jothi Murugan and Bhagya Lakshmi of Benchmark Films. Both of them are close friends and are working abroad. During their stay in Lockdown, they were impressed with the script and decided to produce it. And now, I am emotionally gleeful to see the final output being appreciated by the distributors and exhibitors, thereby getting a clear way for the theatrical release.”

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