Cheer up to welcome MUGA: The video conferencing tool to connect not just your faces but that would bind your emotions

 Cheer up to welcome MUGA: The video conferencing tool to connect not just your faces but that would bind your emotions

The United States-based Kyyba Innovations, which focuses on solving work lifestyle issues, has created MUGA, a next generation conferencing platform.

Trichy Tel Ganesan, Chairman, Kyyba Inc. and Managing Director of Kyyba Innovations LLC. has announced a savvy, browser-based video conferencing tool – MUGA. The United States based Kyyba Innovations focused on solving work lifestyle issues, has created MUGA, a next generation conferencing platform that allows for video and audio communications for small and medium sized businesses.

MUGA helps you integrate your work lifestyle in a very engaging and interactive platform.

MUGA has been coined from the Tamil word “MUGAM” meaning face which is attributed primarily to a video interface. Tamil language is one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world. Kyyba Inc. has offices across the Southern region of India which makes the product name more relevant to their employees as well.

The world has shrunk to a global village. We must be thankful to the one-word internet. The internet rules the world. The new pandemic that is still a threat to the world community has made you realize how a great boon is internet and the applications, the various tools associated with it. The pandemic has made, many a rare thing new normal.

One amongst such new normal things is video conferencing apps and tools. Earlier, video conferencing was just a substitute. Now, it’s an inevitable facility. Not just online classes at schools and colleges but world summits, Business meets go online nowadays. Hence the need of online video conferencing app or tool is much demanding. Here comes the next-gen video conferencing tool from Kyyba Innovations, named MUGA.

Before getting into the nuances of MUGA, let us trace the roots of Trichy from where hails the Serial Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Investor, Speaker, Movie Producer, Philanthropist, Inventor, Publisher all in one personality Trichy Tel Ganesan.

Trichy, is most ofen being quoted in news nowadays, for being the lead contestant in TN’s second capital race. Trichy has so much of cultural, historical, political feathers to add to it’s crown. To begin with, let’s point out the Srirangam temple. The Rockfort Vinayagar temple is the first thing that striles one’s knowledge when spoken about Trichy. Not just spiritual richness, Trichy has the fame of being home town to Sir.C.V.Raman. The Heaber school is the example of educational enrichment of the district. The former President of India DR.APJ Abdul Kalam studied in St.Joseph’s college Trichy. Ponmalai Railway Workshop is one of three railway workshops serving Indian Railways.

Trichy holds the famous Gandhi Market. Its construction began as the Fort Market in 1867 and completed in 1868. The market was expanded in 1927, when P. Rathinavelu Thevar was the mayor of Tiruchirappalli and renamed as Mahatma Gandhi market after Mahatma Gandhi. This is the only market across India to be laid foundation stone by Mahatma Gandhi.

We cannot just stop with landmarks of Trichy, as we cite it’s history. It has experts from every other important field. It has many noble literates. Sujatha the great novelsist is from Trichy. VVS Iyer the pioneer was from Trichy. Cartoonist Madan, Poet, writer Manushya Puthiran, Kalki Sadasivam, Samuel Vedhanayagam Pillai, Sanskrit scholar Kundalam Rangachariyar and many other fit into this list.

Not just writers, Trichy has been magnanimous in giving experts in the realm of music. T.K.Ramamoorthy, G.Ramanathan, Trichy Loganathan, Lalgudi Jayaraman, Srirangam Kannan, T.L.Maharajan, Musiri Subramaniya Iyer are some of the legends from Trichy. James Vasanthan, Santosh Narayanan are few contemporary names to be mentioned.

Similarly, actors M.K.Thayagaraja Bhagavathar, S.A.Asokan, Kaka.Radhakrishnan belong to Trichy. Napolean, the famous artist of early 90-s belong to Trichy. The sensational SivaKarthikeyan, the talented Prassanna, Neeya Naana talk show giant Gopinath Chandran are talent bundles from Trichy. Comedian Karunakaran, comes from Trichy. The Dream Girl Hema Malini has her roots in Trichy.

Politically too Trichy is important for the Dravidian parties. No big party has left out Trichy in conducting their mega public meets. Trichy has always been MGR’s apple of eye.

Tel Ganesan, hails from such famous Trichy. This Tamilian from Trichy runs a successful business in USA. He has produced Hollywood movies. He introduced the young talented Music Director G.V.Prakash in Hollywood. Actor Napolean’s dream to debut in Hollywood was materialized by Tel Ganesan. He rolled out the Devil’s Night starring Naploean. Two more flicks,Chritmas Coupon and Rapp City are on the cards.

Trichy Tel.Ganesan has recently met Miss. Kamla Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee for the 2020 election as a toke of support and appreciation.

Now coming back to MUGA, it’s another tool for your use and we are not vying with any other existing applications at this moment as we are catering to the small business industry vertical. We are offering this application as a space that could transform the way you are conducting your meetings, especially with shared meeting notes and seamless live streaming over YouTube and Facebook for webinars that would benefit your clients and patrons.

The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world, causing anxiety and fear to get back to the workspace. As more and more workplaces transition to being remote, people are learning how to navigate all the aspects of working digitally.

MUGA will help provide ease of access and communication using several of its productive features for meetings and conversations. “Rapidly growing demand for video communication on account of globalization of businesses, geographically scattered business operations, and remote workforce management is a major factor driving the market.”said Trichy Tel Ganesan.

The health crisis has changed our lifestyles drastically- everything revolving around our comfort and the safety of our homes. MUGA will empower professional teams, their clients and patrons to communicate and keep themselves connected at any time of the day, wherever they are just using their browser – desktop or mobile phone.

MUGA has multiple features, including:

*No download, one-click URL (browser based) with unlimited meeting time.
*Save bandwidth by storing all recordings in the cloud.
*Safe and Secure with servers in your own country.
*Personal and Shared chats with easy accessibility to download meeting notes and attendee lists.
*Interactive tools for whiteboard, seamless sharing with myriad options of host controls.
*Maintain own conference account with different meeting rooms and recordings.
*24/7 Customer Support available.

Kyyba Innovations would like to create a personal relationship with the customer. This includes connecting with the customer first, understanding their needs and then following up with a customized free trial version for the clients to use for seven days. A 24/7 customer support makes it easy for the client to transition from a trial state to an active client. The application is very reasonably priced and is based on the client needs.

“We are being very sensitive to the data, the information that is being exchanged between individuals and companies on this platform, and that’s the reason we have servers established in your own country.”said Tel Ganesan.

For a FREE 2-month trial, please visit

You can purchase MUGA after the 2-month trial for an individual license of Rs. 750 + tax.
All bulk licenses and enterprise inquiries, please email [email protected]

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