D Block Review

 D Block Review

Actor Arulnithi starrer “D Block” is directed by debutant Vijay Kumar Rajendran, who is well-known for his YouTube channel ‘Eruma Saani’. A Mystery-thriller by its genre, the team comprises a bunch of new and young technical team and familiar artistes as well.

The year is 2006, and the location is a college and college hostel located near the Velaiyangiri Hills. Since, the college is illegally built across the forest region, the proprietor, principal and other staffs warn the first-year students not to walk outside the hostel during night hours. The girls staying at Hostel ‘D Block’ are severely insisted by the warden (Uma Riaz) to get into hostel rooms by 6 pm itself. It’s all because of the girls, who disappear mysteriously and found dead inside the campus. Although everyone believes that it’s because of the wild leopard inside the forest, the first-year students (Arulnithi, Aditya Kathir, Vijay Kumar Rajendran) are exposed to a shocking revelation that it’s not leopard behind this murders. So who’s the reason behind all these mishaps forms the crux of this story.

The brand ‘Eruma Saani’ is apparently synonymous with the fun-filled videos, and comedy capers. When Vijay Kumar Rajendran announced of his new journey as filmmaker with ‘D Block’, the expectations were pinned to the perceptions that it’s yet another fun-filled college drama from the young filmmaker. In contrast, we are sure to get astonished with some uncalled-for surprises in the movie.

During the first half, D Block majorly keeps shifting from fun-to-mystery and vice-versa. During this hour, the audience find that the comedy scenes work out very well (Especially the youth audiences will be able to connect instantly), but the romantic portions between Arulnithi and Avantika slightly looks unfitting. Director could have slightly focused upon this domain. On the other hand, in few places, we find that Arulnithi doesn’t completely satisfy his character’s need as a college student. Naturally, when the story shifts into the actual conflict of mystery, we don’t bother more about these aspects. The second half has got few gripping moments, and we find that the narrative gets slightly mediocre in between. However, the climax act has been very well conceived and pictured.

When it comes to performance, Arulnithi is good, but as abovementioned doesn’t befittingly look suitable as a college kid. Avantika has got a decent role, as the story starts revolving around her character after certain extent. Uma Riaz does complete justice to her characterization as hostel warden. Her role is a silent pillar in few scenes as her character holds the suspiciousness. Karu Pazhaniappan’s appearance is nothing more than a cameo. Ramesh Khanna is an unexpected inclusion in the star-cast, and his portions are neatly done. The actor with the mysterious shades creates eeriness with his terrorising looks. Vijay Kumar Rajendran and Aditya Kathir deliver some hilarious episodes.

The background score by Kaushik is appreciable as he gives a decent enhancement to the visual narrative. In particular, the scenes where the antagonist starts terrorizing, he has come up with excellent music that adds more intensity. The cinematography by Aravinnd Sing has been done neatly. He has tried escalated the spooky feeling through his lens work in many places.

The film is a psychological thriller and the technical aspects give a good elevation to the movie. D Block is a decent attempt by director Vijay Kumar Rajendran. Although there are few logical issues, it offers an engaging show, and doesn’t disappoint the audiences.

Verdict: A unique plot with engaging screenplay offers a decent theatrical experience.
Rating: 3/5

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