Director duo JD-Jerry’s new creation: An innovative book on ad films

 Director duo JD-Jerry’s new creation: An innovative book on ad films

‘Vilambara Padam – Vera Level’ teaches tricks of the trade to youngsters who want to achieve in the field

Directors Joseph D Sami and Gerald Arogyam, popularly known as JD-Jerry duo, made their mark in Tamil cinema with films like Ullasam and Whistle. They are currently directing a movie starring leading entrepreneur ‘Legend’ Saravanan.

JD-Jerry, pioneers in directing commercials, have successfully created ad films for many leading companies and made a name for themselves in the world of advertising.

With decades of experience, JD-Jerry have written a book titled ‘Vilambara Padam – Vera Level’ with the aim of helping youngsters to achieve in this field. The book is published by Discovery Book Palace.

“We are working in various dimensions of the media for over 30 years. Apart from more than 500 commercials, we have worked on poetry, short stories, TV series, documentaries, movies, animated films, event management,” say JD-Jerry enthusiastically.

Sharing information about their book, the duo said, “In this book we have detailed about our 52 promotional films, how they came to be, and the technology behind. The foreword was written by Kaviperasu Vairamuthu, Pattukottai Prabhakar, cinematographer Ravi Varman and Loyola College Media Director Suresh Paul. This book is for those who travel in the media, and students coming towards the media.”

In addition, the book introduces successful entrepreneurs and explains the impact of effective advertising to new entrepreneurs who want to promote their companies.

Also, as an innovative effort, each ad is accompanied by a QR code along with a description. One can scan it on the mobile phone and see the commercial right away. This is a first-of-its-kind attempt in a Tamil book on advertising industry.

‘Vilambara Padam – Vera Level’ book written by director duo JD-Jerry will also be available at the Chennai Book Fair.

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