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Director Vijay sri G’s request to Central govt and Central Board of Film Certification

‘Statutory warning messages on punishments on men who violates women should also be mentioned on the title card of the movies’ says director Vijay sri G.

Director Vijay sri is presently directing two movies Polladha Ulagil Bayangara Game and POWDER simultaneously.

Central Board of Film Certification had insisted that statutory warning messages of tobacco use and alcohol consumption should be displayed on the title card of the movies. Since September 26, 2012 the film ventures have been following those protocols.

“In my movie ‘Dhadha 87’ which was released on March 1,2019 , I had added on the title card like ‘Don’t touch the ladies without their consent. This message was widely acknowledged and appreciated by the audience” , adds the director.

‘The lead actor of the movie Dhadha 87,Shri Charuhasan would address to a gang in a scene like if You touch the women then I would burn you all to death’ , says the director.

‘I was shocked to know the death of a girl was brutally raped and tortured in Hathras. The whole nation shedded tears after knowing that brutal incident. In my movie Polladha Ulagil Bayangara Game alias PUBG , I have filmed a scene in which guys raping a lady and burning her were punished to death severely by one of the lead role of the movie. I always have faith in the Indian judiciary system, both the Governments (state and central).

‘I request the Central board of Film Certification and the government to advise the film makers to include a statutory warning for rape scenes in films’, concludes the director.