Eminent Personalities galore at the ‘Keep a Bowl’ event, An initiative of Save Shakti Foundation & Royal Canin to save stray dogs from the summer heat

 Eminent Personalities galore at the ‘Keep a Bowl’ event, An initiative of Save Shakti Foundation & Royal Canin to save stray dogs from the summer heat

Save Shakti Foundation in association with Royal Canin hosted a special event ‘Keep a Bowl’, an initiative to create awareness among the public to keep a bowl of water for the needy stray dogs, animals, and birds this summer. The event happened at Savera Hotel, where eminent personalities like Dr. PTR Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, Honorable Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. J Radhakrishnan IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Ms. Neena Reddy, Chair Person Savera Group of Hotels, were present. Chaya Devi, Founder of, Save Shakti Foundation, played the perfect host in addressing the special invitees and honoring the guests of honors.

Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Dr. J Radhakrishnan, said, “Recently, we have come across the statement from the meteorological department pertaining to the excess climatic temperature and heat waves along with the precautionary “Beat the Heat” measures for the humans to handle the situation properly. Likewise, the pets too deserve the same treatment, and it’s great to see that Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Chaya Devi madam of Save Shakti Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the well-being of stray animals have launched this initiative “Keep a Bowl” in collaboration with Royal Canin. It’s a great occasion to see our reputed finance minister Dr. PTR Palanivel Thiaga Rajan sir is here for the event in spite of his busy schedule. We have always followed the ritual of offering food to the birds and animals as a token of respect for our ancestors. In the same manner, offering a bowl of water to these creatures will make a big difference. When stray dogs don’t get proper water to drink, they go around the gutter to drink it, which eventually creates a health hazard. Save Shakti Foundation has created this initiative, which will be a means of great help to them. Our Minister himself has been an epitome of great gesture towards the well-being of animals. I congratulate the entire team on this enlightening initiative. We must always take care of pets. The media must take the responsibility for spreading this news and creating great awareness. I also request everyone not to lock kids and pets inside the car, even for a few minutes. Every individual has to take responsibility for the good cause of animals. Just like how everyone got vaccinated for COVID-19 so as to save humankind, we have to step forward and work as a community to help the less empowered creatures. I thank Save Shakti Foundation Chaya, Royal Canin, and Ms. Neena Reddy mam for making this World Veterinary Day 2022 so special by launching this initiative.”

Chaya Devi, Save Shakti Foundation, said, “We have launched this initiative with 1000 bowls today. The interested individuals can register through a Google Link, and we will provide them the bowls at their nearest location, where the date and time will be announced on our social media pages. Initially, we started his campaign in Chennai and will be soon spreading it to many places. I believe, individuals can themselves adopt this gesture of offering a small bowl of water to birds and animals, right outside their gates, window sides, and terrace. Such a small contribution can be a bigger help for these creatures.”

Ashutosh, Royal Canin, said, “Pets always create a good world for us, and we have to do the same for them. We at Royal Canin have been providing super-premium foods to cats and dogs for several years. We have been associated with the Save Shakti Foundation for various noble initiatives like vaccination, stabilization, and many other campaigns for the betterment of the animals. I strongly believe that every man and woman should take the responsibility of caring for these creatures so that it creates a wonderful environment for us.”

Ms. Neena Reddy, Chairman, Savera Group of Hotels, said, “As Chaya said, this is not great to assemble as we have made our presence during the harsh summer. At the same time, we have to remember that our voiceless friends are out there in sun all the time. I thank Save Shakti Foundation for this initiative. I have known Chaya for 20 years, and every time, we come together would be for a good cause, and it’s never been for glamorous or meaningless occasions. I am glad that we are here back together for this ‘Keep a Bowl’ initiative. Chaya has been such an epitome of a wonderful being when it comes to her gesture of caring for stray dogs. If at all, the Chennaites come to know about our Kotturpuram Dog Welfare scheme, they’ll be exhilarated. Chaya has allotted each street for the members, and I take care of 10-11 stray dogs across the River View Road, where a meal a day, and a bowl of water is enough for them. They peacefully sleep under the shadows of trees. Chaya makes sure that they are neutered periodically as well. COVID has imparted us lots of valuable lessons, and has elevated our love and affinity for the well-being of others.”

Dr. PTR Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, Honorable Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu, said, “Actually, I had to be in Madurai, but I came back to Chennai for this particular event. This initiative is very important to the current situation. I congratulate everyone for taking this step, and the others, who are here to support this initiative. Our Tamil culture dates back to ancient times, and it has progressed only because of the values of compassion. Tamil Nadu has witnessed phenomenal growth in various aspects. The Government itself realized that it’s not possible to do everything on its own, and hence, for the first time in India, we have announced an allocation of Rs. 20Cr towards the NGOs that is dedicated to the well-being of stray dogs and other creatures. If at all, you get an opportunity to take a walk inside St. George Fort, you can see the stray dogs peacefully walking around; sleeping relaxed, and fed by the staff, policemen there.” He continued to add, “An initiative like from the people, who make use of the platform to help the voiceless creatures is appreciable. This ‘Keep a Bowl’ initiative doesn’t demand any herculean effort or big money to invest. Just a small vessel or bowl of water will make a big difference to the creatures. In our culture, we give a lot of value to feeding the hungry. In fact, the greatest value is removing hunger from other human beings, and in the same way, we have to take care of these animals as well. I wish the founders, and everyone involved in this initiative, a great success.”

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