Excited for Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming Soorarai Pottru? These four reasons will add to the anticipation

 Excited for Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming Soorarai Pottru? These four reasons will add to the anticipation

These 4 reasons make us feel really excited for Amazon Prime Video’s Soorarai Pottru

Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming film Soorarai Pottru has been doing rounds among the audiences with each announcement. The much anticipated and high on excitement film has Suriya in the lead with a storyline based on real life events. The audiences are just waiting with their seat belts fastened to experience the beautifully weaved story now.

The film stars Suriya, Mohan Babu, Paresh Rawal and Aparna Balamurli. The story will be a fictionalized account of the life of the retired Army Captain. G. R. Gopinath, who founded the low cost airline, Air Deccan.

Talking about the film, we are here to give you 4 reasons that make Soorarai Pottru an absolute MUST WATCH!

1.Based on a real life – The passion with which the film is made is something in itself. Outlining a story from a real life event is a factor that audiences are sure to find intriguing. Sudha, director of Soorarai Pottru along with her team spent time in making quality cinema. Picking up points from the real-life story and bringing it down to what Soorarai Pottru is today with no unnecessary facade. The film is true to the essence of the events and beautifully picturised for the audiences.

2. Gripping storyline – Soorarai Pottru is inspirational, gripping and engaging written all over it’s storyline. Revolving around a real life of an unsung hero, the film is speaks about his journey and heroism to serve the common man with honesty. In these unprecedented times, such a story is sure to make a place in the audience’s hearts with abundance of inspiration and learning as a takeaway.

3. A film with Pan India Appeal- With Amazon Prime Video, the film’s aircraft going to land in 200 countries and territories with an intriguing storyline. That’s yet another reason for you to be rest assured of the thrilling experience you will have watching this action-drama from the comfort of your home.

4. Sudha and Suriya, a sure-shot hit duo- With Sudha’s precision and Suriya’s talent the film is going to be a sure-shot hit. Sudha is touted as a director with precision and crystal clear vision, spending 2 years on the script of Soorarai Pottru with utmost passion to tell a story so inspiring. Suriya is a complete director’s actor who will put in his 100 percent to suit the vision of his director. The actor has learnt a lot on the sets of Soorarai Pottru because of Sudha. This director-actor duo have the audiences backing for their amicable camaraderie.

Helmed by director Sudha Kongara, bankrolled by Guneet Monga’s Sikhya Entertainment, Soorarai Pottru will take off exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on November 12.

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