First Look Poster of Pa Ranjith’s Vettuvam (The Hunted) launched at the 75th Cannes Film Festival

 First Look Poster of Pa Ranjith’s Vettuvam (The Hunted) launched at the 75th Cannes Film Festival

Dir. Pa Ranjith’s upcoming directorial is a unique proposition of a linked film and series on a rural gangster Outspoken activist, filmmaker and producer Pa Ranjith made his debut at the 75th Cannes Film Festival with the launch of the first look poster of upcoming directorial project Vettuvam (The Hunted). Being the one of the most distinct voices in the current generation of Indian filmmakers today, Ranjith’s cinematic expression is an embodiment of neglected histories and untold stories from the oppressed communities in India. His cinema is a pioneer of the ongoing Dalit cultural movement in India that echoes with the Black Lives Matter movement. His films carry the belief of people telling their own stories in their own voice while challenging the status quo.

In this edition of the festival, he brings the story of a notorious rural gangster Cholan, a modern day Robin Hood to his people, who rises to rule in the Ponni region. Cholan is a leader of his people who stands against oppression and kills those who cause it. While Cholan develops a trail of rivals who want him dead, he surrenders to the law enforcement for protection. Flipping the script on heroes and villains, the film which comes first, traverses the last few months of his life in prison following the climactic end of his life. In a classic David vs Goliath tale, the law enforcement with all its might ties up with Cholan’s enemies to kill him. With the character at the zenith of his power, the series will portray the making of the Ponni King. Set out to be a pulsating drama, Vettuvam is the story of how powerful people wage wars and win them.

The film is set to go into production later this year in 2022 with a release planned for 2023. The project will be a co-production between Golden Ratio Films, the content production and distribution subsidiary of Vistas Media Capital and Neelam Studios, a development powerhouse steered by Pa Ranjith and Aditi Anand.

The poster, a hand painted artwork, represents the dichotomy of power, the delicate balance where in a moment the hunter can become the Hunted. To stay on top the powerful must be in a state of perpetual war, lest the dynamic should flip in the blink of an eye. No war ends, only the names of victor and vanquish change. The poster was launched in the presence of producers Abhayanand Singh, Piiyush Singh, and Ashwini Choudhary (Golden Ratio Films) along with Aditi Anand (Neelam Studios).

Following the launch, Ranjith expressed, “The film is the story of an ordinary daily wage laborer’s rise to a position of power. While Cholan has no choice but to duel his powerful rivals, the conflict garners him both enemies and supporters. He may have the protection he needs but his existence is also in question. When his rivals are unable to bring him down, they turn to the higher powers of the state that warrant his downfall. The deeper question that this film tackles is the question of Power and how historically the power bearers have ensured that inferiority prevails and people remain pushed to margins.

I am super excited to do this project with Neelam Studios and Golden Ratio films. I’m sure we will be working on some really exciting projects with this collaboration” Abhayanand Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Golden Ratio films said “Launching Vettuvam’s first look poster at Cannes proves to be another feather in our cap. Ranjith is a stellar producer partner and we are very excited to collaborate yet again this time to witness his talent as a filmmaker. Vettuvam is an incredible story that is certain to go beyond films and TV. We are committed to support content that crosses linguistic barriers, reaching far and wide. This collaboration with Ranjith is another move in that direction.”

Producer Aditi Anand said “Pa Ranjith is one of the most incredible people both as filmmaker and human. I have no doubt that he is going to be the defining voice of Indian cinema. It is a dream to be a part of this journey” For more information on the project, please contact on

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