Gargi Tamil Movie Review

 Gargi Tamil Movie Review

Sai Pallavi’s choice of movies has been a subject of intrigue as her movies consistently draw more crowds into the theaters. While the actress has waited for a long time to deliver similar magic in time, it happens with Gargi, directed by Gautham Ramachandran and presented by Suriya-Jyotika of 2D Entertainment.

The picture-perfect life of Gargi (Sai Pallavi) gets shattered when her father Brahmanandham (R.S. Shivaji), alleged for gang-raping a 9-yr girl at the apartment where he works as a security guard. While the shreds of evidence point out her father, Gargi sets out to battle the odds and prove her father’s innocence.

Strong characterizations, neatly written screenplay, and the ending: These factors precisely shape Gargi as one of the best critically acclaimed movies of this year. We have come across certain social issue-based movies made with the mere intention to draw attention and sympathy, but Gargi is an exception, crafted with lots of dedication and passion.

Having cited the strong characterizations, it’s not just about the Gargi, but even the supporting artists, who leave an impact on the audience. From the police officer, who wants to prove his point, the public prosecutor played by Kavithalayaa Krishnan, the transgender judge, vents out a hard-hitting statement “I know the pain of a woman, and arrogance of a man. No one is better than me to handle this case” to the stammering novice lawyer played by Kaali Venkat, who cracks the case from nowhere… The team of writers deserves special appreciation for creating these characters. When the writing process is perfect, the actors feel the ease, have clarity and are instilled with more confidence to deliver their roles efficiently.

Sai Pallavi, over and again, keeps proving her proficiency as a performer. She exhibits even the minutest emotions of daughterhood in a perfect style. The character ‘Gargi’ has suffered a lot in pulling her father out of the troubled waters, and she looks drained. Aftermath all those scenes, we find her like an innocuous child, asking her father’s companion (Livingstone), what brand of liquor her father has. Special kudos to the one who created this scene and Sai Pallavi for the natural spell in this scene and many more. Undoubtedly, the groovy stroke from the actress is her silent yet powerful performance in the climax, which will leave the audience blown out of the water.

Technically, the cinematography and editing deserve special mention. Especially, editing needs special mention as the ‘Drama’ genre always suffers the unethical criticisms of being ‘Slow and Sluggish’. Nonetheless, the editor has tried working a lot in keeping the transitions in perfect terms. It’s illustrious that both DOP and Editor together have partnered in making this happen. The musical score by Govind Vasantha helps for visual enhancement in many places.

Overall, actress Sai Pallavi’s terrific performance, gripping narrative, and Gautham Ramachandran’s perfect directorial stand out to be the salient factors of Gargi that win the approval of audiences.

Verdict: A tale of intense emotions, brilliant performances, and unexpected climax twist make Gargi, a powerful movie that shouldn’t be missed.

Rating: 3.75/5
Review by – Magesh

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