Kabzaa Movie Review

 Kabzaa Movie Review

Kannada Cinema has been creating sensational waves on the Pan-Indian front with blockbuster hits like KGF and Kantara. The expectations sky-rocketed with ‘Kabzaa’ starring Upendra, Sudeep and Shriya Saran in the lead roles with its visual promos that endorsed grandeur and raw-rustic crime noir…

The film revolves around a navy officer (Upendra) in the Pre-Independence Era, who becomes an accidental mafia on the process of avenging the death of his elder brother. He soon earns the wrath of deadly bigwigs, and the entire film focalizes on his battles and challenges.

Upendra has always managed to win his fans’ attention with an impeccable screen presence, and he repeats his magic here with ‘Kabzaa’ as well. The actor’s body language, and his ability to juggle between the emotions and swag is outstanding. However, director Chandru has mostly used him in the stylish way, and could have retained the emotional side as well. As with other actors, we find them with limited screen presence, and among them, Kichcha Sudeep steals the spotlights with his overpowering charisma. While Upendra travels throughout the film showcasing his stylish elements, Sudeep manages to spin his panache with his minimal presence that is not more than a couple of scenes. Shivarajkumar is merely added for the hiking up the hype for Kazbaa 2. Shriya Saran looks beautiful in the traditional attires, and her performance is good indeed. The other actors have done justice to their respective roles.

The technical team seems to be slightly inspired by the world of KGF as the dark-sepia tone and the jarring editing cuts along with Ravi Basrur’s BGM (The composer of KGF Franchise) resemble a lot of it essence.

What’s so intriguing during the first 30 minutes including the gripping narration, the backstory, and the characterizations, slightly gets flimsier in the latter portions. It’s almost league of battle between the hero and slew of baddies. The other problem about the film is the setting or backdrop. The locations look slightly away from the naturalness, which the art department could have paid attention properly.

On the whole, Kabzaa will be a commercial treat for the fans of Upendra and Sudeep, and the arrival of Shivarajkumar by the climax is an additional emblazonment for the fans’ celebration.

Verdict: Tailor made treat for lovers for Kannada commercial movies.

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