Kannai Nambathe Movie Review

 Kannai Nambathe Movie Review

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Kannai Nambathe is directed by Mu Maran, whose previous film ‘Iravukku Aayiram Kangal’ featuring Arulnithi as the protagonist was a decent hit. Much like the debut venture, Mu Maran comes up with yet another Murder-Mystery thriller featuring an ensemble star cast of Aathmika, Prasanna, Srikanth, Bhumika, and others.

Arun (Udhayanidhi Stalin) gets acquainted with his new roommate Somu (Prasanna), and on the same night, the latter boozes with Arun’s friend (Sathish). While casually talking over the phone with his girlfriend (Aathmika), Arun notices a car dashing relentlessly back and forth. He reaches out for help, finds Savitha (Bhumika) in almost an unconscious state, and drives her home. Savitha asks him to take her car as it’s raining, and return in the back morning. Shockingly, the next morning, she is found dead in the boot space of the car. Who killed her? What happened that night? All these mysteries get entangled with the arrival of new characters.

Who Killed Savitha? Well, audiences are immediately answered as Somu gets involved in the play. However, that’s not the main conflict as the chain of events keeps us guessing till the end. Firstly, the director needs special appreciation for coming up with a core theme, which is new to the audience. Secondly, he doesn’t attempt to treat this story with potboiler moments. The prologue gives us a gist of what this film is all about. And then, maybe 15-20 minutes post-title credits, there are some fun and romance. But we are introduced to the actual conflict within a few minutes from there. However, it would have been more engrossing, and, a first-of-its-kind classic murder-mystery thriller, if he had fine-tuned the screenplay with more thriller elements. Few scenes give an impression of watching a stage play, but then, it doesn’t hamper the progression of the story. The last 25 minutes are gripping, and the ending looks perfect.

When it comes to performances and the technicians, the latter group gets noticed more than the performers. With major portions shot during the night, cinematographer Jalandhar has come up with the finest panache for handling the camera brilliantly. Re-recording by Siddhu Kumar elevates the mysterious quotients in many places, especially during the final moments.

As with performances, Udhayanidhi Stalin’s character merely looks like a spectator till the end. In most of the scenes, we see Prasanna dominating the show. It’s only during the final moments, his character pulls up the socks, and sets out to exhibit its importance. Srikanth and Bhumika, once the lovely onscreen couple appears in a different shade here. Well, we can’t reveal more about the characterizations as it would turn out to be a spoiler. Aathmika’s role has nothing to do with the main plot, and Sathish appears in a blink-and-miss role.

Overall, Kannai Nambathe is a watchable flick that offers a decent stroke of twists and surprises at regular intervals. Nonetheless, with a unique theme as the backdrop, it would have become an excellent thriller with yet more refined writing.

Verdict: A Thriller that impresses and engages you in many parts, but an upgraded writing with more thriller elements would have made it appealing.

Rating: 3/5


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