KGF Chapter 2 Review

 KGF Chapter 2 Review

The journey of Rocky Bhai (Yash) continues as the story traverses through back-and-forth in his life involving important moments. After becoming the undisputed king of KGF, he faces the wrath of Adheera (Sanjay Dutt), and the country’s PM (Raveena Tandon). They want to see him wiped out, but it’s not as easy as they have miscalculated his real power.

The ‘KGF’ franchise hasn’t claimed success merely for its outstanding technical aspects, mass-heroism factors, or those action blocks alone, but ‘emotional essence’ has been the core virtue of this brand. Director Prashanth Neel has distinctly understood what audiences have loved from the first part and has carefully made his creative investments to nurture the second part with more impact. Say, for instance, the ‘Mother Sentiment’ moments get escalated through different characters including Eeswari Rao, and Srinithi Shetty. When the baddie is at his best, the protagonist naturally gets an elevation. So is the impactful presence of Sanjay Dutt as Adheera adds more value to the movie. Not to miss the spellbinding appearance of Raveena Tandon. Her role might be minimal, but it gets the due vitality.

Getting on with the characterization of ‘Rocky’, Prashanth lets us delve deeply into his world. We all knew him as someone heroic, but KGF Chapter 2 adorns his characterization to a greater extent. He isn’t willing to give up at any cost. There is a sequence, where the raid attempt by IT becomes a failure, with the police department just taking 400gms of gold bar, and his retaliation with ‘Periyamma’ (Theater goes LOL) is breathtaking. The last 30 minutes of the movie are the biggest plus, and not to miss the post-credit surprise that sends audiences back home with sparkling excitement.

Srinithi Shetty gets a good scope compared to the first part. Eeswari Rao is good with her portions; Raveena Tandon’s role is appreciable. Her characterization as an Iron Lady is so much evident in many scenes, especially in the climax scene, where she becomes the sole witness of Rocky Bhai’s Scarface version in parliament is brilliant.

Prashanth Neel’s screenwriting is literally engaging, and there isn’t a single scene that looks unwanted. The technical department pushes the parameters of the movie to an incredulous extent. Ravi’s BGM and top-notch visual works along with flawless editing are the biggest plus. The action team has done a remarkable job.

Yes, for the ones, who are suddenly introduced to the world of ‘KGF Franchise’, they might feel this movie to be nothing but gunshots. However, it’s purely for the ones, who are very well familiar with the entire premise and setting.

The post-credit surprise leaves the fans enthralled and Prashanth’s proficiency in understanding the audience’s pulse is outstanding, which is illustrious with the final moments in the theater.

Overall, KGF Chapter 2 doesn’t disappoint the audience, and it will be worth watching for the tickets you paid for.

Verdict: A complete entertainer that engages you with its gripping narration, power-packed performances, and outstanding technical works.

Rating: 4/;5

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