Kudi Mahaan Movie Review

 Kudi Mahaan Movie Review

Filmmaker Prakash N, the runner-up of the TV reality show ‘Nalaiya Iyakkunar’ is making his debut directorial with this movie ‘Kudi Mahaan’.

The film opens with a notorious miscreant hacker, breaking into an ATM and looting away money. Then we are commuted to the world of Madhi (Vijay Sivan), an ATM cashier leading an ordinary life with his wife (Chandini Tamilarasan), an alcoholic father (Suresh Chakravarthy), and his kids. Everything looks normal until the hero gets boozed up without the intake of alcohol, which leads to a serious financial issue in his workplace. What unfolds next is the protagonist’s efforts to get back his job.

Filmmaker Prakash N has taken up a unique plot and gives an entertaining treatment to the entire script, which keeps the audiences engrossed from the beginning till the end. His ability to evoke laughter in the right places makes the show enjoyable. The core conflict of the protagonist itself is something new to the audiences as no other movies have been made a film based on this theme earlier. Not to miss the director’s efficiency in mentioning the real-life inspiration by the end credits, which soaks us in slight emotions after experiencing the laughter. This takes us to a decade back in the time of ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom’, where the entire premise is serious, but we had the laughter dose offered in plenty.

The lead actor Vijay Sivan has given a naturalistic approach to his characterization of Madhi. His performance is so real and commendable. Chandini Tamilarasan doesn’t exhibit artificialness in any place, and her characterization as a homemaker is too good. Suresh Chakravarthy is the showstopper here as he keeps evoking laughter relentlessly. Sethuraman becomes the highlight of this show. He arrives late, but his portions are completely hilarious. Namo Narayanan, Kavin Raj, and Honest Raj deliver neat performances.

When it comes to the technical aspects, it’s just normal work by the team, and they have done what is required for the film. The songs don’t impress us vividly. The film doesn’t need any songs. Trimming the running length, especially in the second hour would make a huge difference, thereby elevating the engagement of audiences.

Overall, Kudi Mahaan is a fun-filled entertainer that will undoubtedly appeal to the interests of family audiences.

Verdict: A honest attempt by the entire team that works out good results on the screens.

Rating: 3/5

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