Love Today Review

 Love Today Review

Filmmaker Pradeep Ranganathan, who utilized the positive essence of digital technology by showcasing the prominence of YouTube in his directorial debut ‘Comali’, has directed Love Today which marks his debut as an actor in the lead role as well. This film yet again punches into the current scenario of technological balances and imbalances in today’s society. The movie is a stretched-out version of his famous short film ‘App(a) Lock’.

The film revolves around a happy-go-lucky chap (Pradeep Ranganathan), who after deeply falling in love with a girl (Ivana) meets, her father (Sathyaraj) for getting his consent over marriage. While everything looks perfect during the initial stages, her father pulls out a complex conflict, asking both of them to exchange their mobile phones for a day. By the end of the 24th hour, if both have the same feelings for each other, then he is ready to accept their wedlock.

What unfolds next is a chain of event funny events that leave a couple of deep conflicts, and confrontations as the past revisit and buried secrets pop up.

What strikes up as a spectacular attribute of ‘Love Today’ is the director’s ability to conceive the current situation in the right way, and the strong advocacy of ‘Accepting the change alone can keep the situations in harmony’ is pretty appreciable. He doesn’t miss to portray the discombobulated structure of today’s youngsters, who are wedged between the unwanted evils of Fake IDs, obscene chats, Porn videos, cyberbullying, morphing, and adult-based Whatsapp groups. The best thing about Pradeep as a filmmaker is his ability to connect with the audience’s pulse, and he has done it perfectly.

As an actor, Pradeep shines in the right manner sticking efficiently to his characterization. His self-confidence and ability to carry his character’s nature are one of the most outstanding elements in this movie. Ivana’s dedication is appreciable. Her character portrays the problems faced by girls and women in today’s world, through the emergence of social media.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical score helps a lot in narrative enhancement, and cinematography with appropriate visual compositions looks promising.

On the whole, Love Today is a contemporary take on relationships prevailing among today’s youngsters. It has few moments on the flip side, but Pradeep’s craftsmanship in keeping the audiences engrossed is appreciable.

Verdict: A custom-made feast for teens laced with the right punch of humour, love, and emotions 

Rating: 3/5

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