Lyca Productions in association with SK Productions presents A Cibi Chakaravarthi directorial Sivakarthikeyan starrer “Don” Pre-Release Event

 Lyca Productions in association with SK Productions presents A Cibi Chakaravarthi directorial Sivakarthikeyan starrer “Don” Pre-Release Event

Actor Sivakarthikeyan’s forthcoming movie ‘Don’ is all set for the worldwide theatrical release on May 13, 2022. The film is produced by Lyca Productions in association with SK Productions. The film is directed by Cibi Chakaravarthi and features Priyanka Arul Mohan in the female lead role. SJ Suryah, Samuthirakani and many more greatest and popular actors are a part of this star cast. Red Giant Movies Udhayanidhi Stalin is releasing the movie all over Tamil Nadu. The Pre-Release event of this movie was held at Jeppiaar Engineering college amidst the huge fanfare of college students.

Tamil Kumaran, Lyca Productions Head, said, “I thank Sivakarthikeyan and Kalai Arasu for being a greater support. I thank Subash anna for giving me space to explore my potentials. Sivakarthikeyan’s previous movie ‘Doctor’ collected Rs. 100Cr in the box office, and ‘Don’ will not miss to spin the same. Anirudh has delivered commendable league of songs. I thank the successful actress Priyanka Arul Mohan, SJ Suryah sir and Samuthirakani sir for being a part of this project. Director Cibi is a hard working person, and he has done his best for nurturing this movie. I thank Udhayanidhi Stalin sir for extending their complete support towards this project.”

Kalai Arasu, co-producer, SK Productions said, “Even before taking off with this project, Sivakarthikeyan brother told me that we are collaborating with Lyca Productions, and we have to earn them good profit. I am glad to state that they have got a table profit with Don. I would like to thank the entire cast and crew of this movie. I thank Udhayanidhi Stalin sir and his team of Red Giant for ensuring a great release for our movie. Don will be a fun-filled movie for all. In ‘Doctor’, you saw him as a doctor, and in Don, you will see him as B.E., Bachelor of Entertainment.”

Producer-actor Udhayanidhi Stalin, Red Giant Movies, said, “I would like to congratulate the entire team of Don. Tamil cinema has two Dons now, One is Sivakarthikeyan and Anirudh. Both of them churn out great hits respectively, and their combination is a sure-footed winner. I have already seen the movie without re-recording 10 days ago. I got the complete confidence that the movie will be a bigger hit than Doctor. Many might have assumed this movie as a college backdrop story, but there is a cute school portion with Sivakarthikeyan and Priyanka Arul Mohan. SJ Suryah has done a remarkable job in the college portions, and Samuthirakani has done a great performance during the last 30 minutes. I wish that Lyca Productions must continue to make good movies.”

Editor Nagooran said, “This is my friend Cibi’s movie. 10 years ago, he told me that I will be the editor of his first movie, and he has kept up his promise.”

Cinematographer KM Bhaskaran said, “Don is very special and close to me. I extend my thanks to Siva sir. During the patch up work of Hero, he told that both will work together soon, and he has given the opportunity to me in this movie. Cibi’s vision and dedication is extraordinary. The narration he made, and the way, he has translated them visually is really great. Shooting SJ Suryah sir on the sets was a huge experience. The great highlight of this movie is that we have shot 5 filmmakers in this movie. Samuthirakani sir has done a remarkable job in this movie. Kalai sir has been a pillar in materializing this project efficiently.”

Art Director Udhay Kumar said, “Lyca Productions, Sivakarthikeyan sir, Kalai sir and director Cibi are the pillars in making the art works look so good. Everyone will enjoy this movie completely.”

Choreographer Shobi said, “When Cibi initially told me about the song, he just strongly affirmed that the song Jalabulajangu should be a massive hit song. I was kind off okay, but I wanted to listen to the song first. Of course, Anirudh had done a remarkable score, and then, it was my job to get it materialized properly. When it was time to shoot the song, Sivakarthikeyan had exerted an incredible effort in the song in spite of his health issues. There were lots of challenges while shooting this song and Sivakarthikeyan has done a tremendous work that will be celebrated by audiences in the theaters.”

Choreographer Bobby said, “I thank Cibi for giving me an opportunity to work in this movie. I have acted in this movie, and I didn’t get a chance to choreograph for his song. It was great to be working with SJ Suryah sir, Samuthirakani sir. I hope to choreograph SK in his next movie.”

Mirchi Vijay said, “I thank Sivakarthikeyan anna for being so much supportive. He gave us the positive vibes of being together with the friends after a long time. I thank Cibi brother for giving a chance to be a part of this movie. Working in Don was more like attending couple of classes; one is practical and another theory. One was while working with Siva anna, Samuthirakani sir, SJ Suryah and other artistes. Then when the camera was off, it would be a theory class as they would share their experience with us.”

Actress Sivangi said, “I thank Sivakarthikeyan anna, who was the first reason for me to be a part of this movie. I have always troubled Cibi sir with lots of questions, but he was cool and patient with me. Kalai sir was great to work with, and he was so cool throughout the shooting. SJ Suryah sir is such a great artiste, and I never expected that he would be so much down-to-earth. He used to narrate me more stories. Samuthirakani sir came to the sets inhaling the character, he plays in this movie. SK anna has been such a sweet person. In spite of making a great achievement, he is still humble and down-to-earth treating everyone equally on the sets. Priyanka was so cute, and she was nice to me on the sets. The entire technical team has been a great support to me; even I used to make some mistakes. I thank Anirudh sir for giving me a chance to be a part of ‘Don’ album.”

Actor Bala Saravanan said, “I thank Cibi Chakaravarthi for giving me a chance to be a part of this movie. We have been friends from the time, we worked together in a pilot movie, before 4-5 years. When I was working in Ayalaan movie, I had very limited scenes in the movie. During that time, Sivakarthikeyan brother told me that there is another project, and my role would be more. Apparently, he has kept his promise by making me a part of this movie. The unconditional love he gives is priceless during the project time, and even now is something phenomenal. I am a great fan of SJ Suryah sir. Even during the shot, we would forget our dialogues while watching him perform on the sets. Samuthirakani sir is more like a brother, who takes the privilege to beat us when we are wrong, and appreciate us when good things are done. Priyanka looked like a soft-spoken person during the initial days, but later, she took over the space and started pulling our legs with her sense of humour. Don will be a fun-filled entertainer for the audiences.”

Bigg Boss fame Raju said, “I have done a small role in this movie, but I am glad that SK Productions and Sivakarthikeyan brother has made a point of inviting me to this occasion and honouring me. I have already met the leading actors of this movie in various occasions before a long time. Once I met Samuthirakani sir during a special occasion, and he advised me to keep myself fit to become a hero. Sivakarthikeyan is a real don, who has created an unique empire for himself. Priyanka was a surprise arrival, and overnight, she has captured the hearts of millions. While SJ Suryah is shooting, we would be frozen in astonishment. It looks like Cibi has made this movie with his college experience. I have played a hilarious villain this movie. I thank everyone for giving a chance to be a part of this movie.”

Bigg Boss fame-actor Shariq said, “It was me who initially asked Cibi, if I have a chance to be a part of this film. Actually, 2 minutes is my screen time, and I hope he will give more scope for me in the next movie. I have been worked with Sivakarthikeyan anna right from the time he kick-started his journey with Kalakkapovathu Yaaru. I am happy that I got an opportunity to experience college life as I didn’t get a chance to have it in real life. I am glad to be working with SJ Suryah sir and Samuthirakani sir.”

SJ Suryah said, “The students herein this college will reflect their experiences with Don. I mentioned during the audio launch of Maanadu that it’s going to be a Diwali only when Maanadu is releasing. Similarly, there would have been many summer releases, but Don is going to be a 100% summer treat. Cibi sir was the co-director of Mersal, and used to be very caring for me. He is the Rajkumar Hirani of Tamil Nadu. Samuthirakani has done a fabulous job in this movie. Shivangi is a good hearted and innocent person, and I could sense it right from Day 1. Priyanka Arul Mohan is a very good artiste, and she will achieve greater heights. Sivakarthikeyan’s hard work and good nature will take him to greater heights. I take this opportunity to thank the entire cast and crew for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this movie.

Actor Samuthirakani said, “I thank Lyca Productions, SK Productions, Udhayanidhi Stalin brother, the future of Tamil Nadu, Sivakarthikeyan. Initially, I didn’t want to be a part of this movie event as it had left me emotionally inclined in many scenes. There were many shots, where I had to express the character’s anger, but I couldn’t make it due to some emotional elements. When Cibi narrated the script, it was like reliving my life. Cibi is going to scale greater heights, and will definitely leave a great impact on the audiences. It was more like my father getting into me through this movie. Don will be a blockbuster, and Sivakarthikeyan will be an unavoidable hero of the Indian film industry. The entire technical team has done a great work in this movie. Anirudh has become a top-charting musician across the country. Priyanka is more like a girl to next door, and it was nice to work with her. I request all the fans to support Sivakarthikeyan to scale greater heights.”

Actress Priyanka Arul Mohan said, “I have got a cute gang for lifetime while working in this movie. It was more like revisiting my college days again. I thank SK Productions and Lyca Productions for making me a part of this project. Working with Samuthirakani sir, SJ Suryah has been a greater learning experience. I thank Anirudh for his hit album. I thank Shobi master and Lalitha master for such a wonderful choreography. I thank the fans here for the love and support that has made me have a smooth journey in the industry. Don will be a fun-filled entertainer to watch with families and friends.”

Director Cibi Chakaravarthi said, “This moment is something that I envisaged for years. I thank my parents for being a great support in nurturing my dreams. I thank Atlee for making me comfortable and eligible to handle such a big star-cast. He has been my mentor and has made me gain so much experience. A phone call from Sivakarthikeyan sir changed my life. The success of SK has been inspiration for many including me. Despite the grand success of his movies, he has always maintained his down-to-earth nature. Right from the time of inception, there have been lots of challenges including the corona issues. But even during that time, sir would keep giving inputs for better output. In Don, SK sir has given life to two people, the real and reel-Chakaravarthi in the movie. Anirudh sir is a man of positivity, and I could feel it right from our first meet. SJ Suryah and Samuthirakani are the pillars of this movie. Priyanka Arul Mohan is a sincere and dedicated artiste. I thank the entire team for the great support. Don will be a fun-filled and beautiful entertainer for everyone in the theaters.”

Actor Sivakarthikeyan said, “When we started to work in this project, we wanted to make sure that Lyca Productions has a table profit, and we have accomplished it successfully. When Cibi narrated the script of Don, it was really happy and emotionally connecting. It is a story that is a reflection of every student in college, and Cibi has crafted it very nicely. I request everyone to support this movie. If Don becomes a good success, it will give hope to people like me and producers in such a way that they will start giving opportunities to newcomers. I am lucky to have got a team that comprises the ones that I have admired a lot. The speech that Samuthirakani sir gave so much emotional, and so will be his characterization in this movie. I started my mimicry works with the voice of SJ Suryah sir, and I was popular in the college culturals for this reason. I even told him this, during the shooting. Since, I have an introduction song and song with heroine, it doesn’t mean that I am not the hero. I would say that every character in this movie is a hero and has its own values. Priyanka has done a good job in this movie. Since she is very well versed with the Tamil language, it was easy for the director to communicate with her, and she indeed was able to give her best. Bala, Raju, Shariq, Shivangi, Vijay and others were amazing. It was nice to spend time with them, and it was more like revisiting my college. Shivangi has done a good and cute work in this movie. I was really amazed with the performance of Bala Saravanan in the web series Vilangu. The technical team has been a great pillar. Anirudh couldn’t come to this event as he is giving the final touch to the movie. He has been working day and night for his movies without sleep for the past one month due to his continuous projects. His support for my movies has been stupendous. The big challenge for our entire crew was to face the Pandemic. Almost all the scenes involved college crowds, and only with the cooperation of the entire crew, we were able to shoot these sequences without any hurdles. I am really happy for Cibi, who has made his parents feel proud today. I wish that he continues to work hard, and the rest, audiences will take care. Red Giant Movies Udhayanidhi Stalin sir is releasing our movie, and we are happy that Don is going to witness a wider release with his Midas-touch. Don was more like revisiting my childhood, as my dreams and ambitions kept shifting from time-to-time. The movie will have some reflection for the audiences as they walk out of the theaters after this show. I thank my fans, who have been showering unconditional love and support all over the years.”

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