Nenjukku Needhi Review

 Nenjukku Needhi Review

Filmmaker Arunraja Kamaraj (Kanaa fame) collaborates with Udhayanidhi Stalin and producer Boney Kapoor (Valimai, Nerkonda Paarvai fame) for Nenjukku Needhi, an official remake of the critically acclaimed Hindi movie ‘Article 15’.

When three girls go missing in a remote village across Pollachi, the newly assigned ASP Vijayaraghavan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) is appalled to see two among them brutally killed and hung. While the third girl’s whereabouts remain a mystery, he embarks on a journey battling all odds from the group of ego-centric caste-bound maniacs to bring the truth before law and order.

We’re sure, almost all the ardent film buffs are well-versed with the spellbinding flick ‘Article 15’, which had many reasons to be appreciated. With the official word on its remake, the assurance was created in advance that we can await good valuable content. While most of the movies based on caste-based issues involve merely the rural groups, it’s almost a groundbreaking thought to bring a very well-educated man as the protagonist into the picture. This indeed works out good results, where it’s one caste vs another, but instead, a common man, who obeys the law and order a being witness and participant in bring a solution. This was one of the intriguing reasons that worked for good results for Article 15 and the same with Nenjukku Needhi as well.

The movie works out very well with the screenplay, making, performances, and technical aspects. The strong characterizations always make the job of actors easy, and it’s very much evident here. This is ample evidence that when these aspects are perfectly done, 50% of the film’s engagement is already successful. The narrative part too is appreciable and Arunraja Kamaraj tries to incorporate some additional shots into the movie to suit the regional adaptation. When it comes to performances, Udhayanidhi Stalin delivers a decorous performance and it’s a flawless show indeed. Aari Arjunan and Suresh Chakravarthy deliver impeccable performance, and their contribution helps a lot in keeping the movie engaged. These three characterizations are almost an illustration of Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Shivani, Ilavarasu, and others deliver a decent performance.

Dibu Ninan’s BGM helps a lot in keeping the film’s engrossment at its best. The top-notch cinematography of maintaining a dark shady tone throughout the movie commutes us into that premise, and the transitions in editing are good.

Overall, Nenjuku Needhi is a laudable effort from the entire team, and it deserves a watch for it doesn’t disappoint.

Verdict: With a powerful story premise borrowed, Arunraja Kamaraj & team have done a laudable job with this remake.

Rating: 3.5/5

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