Prince Movie Review

 Prince Movie Review

Actor Sivakarthikeyan, who has delivered back-to-back blockbuster hits – Doctor & Don (Both movies spinning 100Cr+ box office collection) has now got his latest outing ‘Prince’ hitting screens today worldwide. The movie is directed by Anudeep, who shot to fame for his Telugu comedy caper ‘Jathi Rathnalu’. The movie has Ukrainian actress Maria Ryaboshapka playing the female lead, with Sathyaraj and Premgi Amaran appearing as important characters.

The greatest entertainers across all the film industries have possessed a single and simple formula of –Old wine in New Bottle concept, but still don’t miss to score the brownie points. So let us check out if Sivakarthikeyan’s Prince is the latest one to join this league.

The story revolves around a happy-go-lucky teacher (Sivakarthikeyan), who falls in love with a beautiful British lady (Maria Ryaboshapka), who is an English teacher in the same school. Just as the couple witnesses the love blossoming between them, they come across an unanticipated series of confrontations and troubles, which are laced with hilarious moments.

To start off with, it’s Sivakarthikeyan all the way, who has clearly understood what his fans expect out of him. He follows his stereotypical pattern of fun, romance, sentiments, and of course, good dance, which have been the intriguing attraction of all his erstwhile movies. However, to witness the same act over and again is disappointing.
Actress Maria has nothing unique to perform, but we need to appreciate her commitment towards this role, especially with her expressiveness and her dance in ‘Bimbilikki Pilapi’ is commendable too. Sathyaraj’s characterization laced humour is goodand his portions with Sivakarthikeyan are enjoyable. Premgi Amaran’s role is weak and flimsy.

Director Anudeep was appreciated for his witty one liners in his directorial debut Jathi Rathnalu. He tries to recreate the same here, which works well in few scenes, but gets too tiresome for audiences after certain extent. Say for instance, the scene involving Bottle Gourd and the climax scene is good. However, too many one liners dont impress us as they faintly start reminding us of spoof show Lollu Sabha.

Thaman’s musical score is disappointing as the songs sound similar to his earlier composing. Manoj Paramahamsa’s visuals are appreciable.. Although Praveen KL is known for his best editing, the movie lacks the smooth transition and there are discontinuities between many scenes.

Overall, Sivakarthikeyan’s Prince is interested in few parts. Obviously, one might have the doubts kindled while watching the movie how could SK choose this script.

Verdict: A middling fare that is engrossing in very few places.

Rating: 2.75

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