Rathasaatchi Movie Review

 Rathasaatchi Movie Review

Good times are experienced by an industry that inclines to the idea of adapting films from stories and novels. Recently, we tend to notice the exuberance of such scenarios with many filmmakers opting for Jayamohan’s stories. Filmmaker Rafiq Ismail is the latest one to join the league as he picks his short story ‘Kaithigal’ and materializes into a full-length feature now streaming on Aha Tamil.

The story is about the conflicts that break open between a young Naxal Revolutionary Activist (Kanna Ravi) and a policeman (Kalyan), who are so ferocious with their ideologies bounce upon each other that leads to gruesome incidents.

It’s literally difficult to craft a film that has a very small premise. Rafiq comes up with a commendable work of letting this tale narrated through the eyes of different characters. In fact, all the characters are so strong, and the actors have delivered performances that are too appreciable.

Kanna Ravi is remarkably tremendous, and the way, he emotes with an impeccable spell is beyond brilliance. It’s evident that he is going to be the top preference of many filmmakers, if they are looking out for content-driven hero characters. Elango Kumaravel is a genius, and this movie yet again proves his calibre. Kalyan as the antagonist brings up the terror that the character demands. Madras Vinoth is yet another embellishment to the tale.

There aren’t any negatives to mention as the film doesn’t get into unwanted zones. The emotional package is retained throughout the movie. The climax portion leaves our hearts wrenched and it takes some time to get out of that impact.

On the whole, Rathasaatchi gives a compelling experience with its brilliant directorial and stellar performances.

Verdict: An intriguing tale that leaves a deep scar upon the audiences
Rating: 3.5/5

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