RJ Balaji’s Podcast JioSaavn Mind Voice becomes showstopper of the season 

 RJ Balaji’s Podcast JioSaavn Mind Voice becomes showstopper of the season 
A perfect stress buster for any situation! Refreshing! Rejuvenating with humor essence! RJ Balaji’s first of its kind endeavor with podcast ‘Mind Voice’ streamed on JioSaavn has become the most celebrated show for universal crowds winning such extols. Streamed on Wednesdays, the show has now become a dedication for the listeners as RJ Balaji picks up topics based on their feedbacks.

Episode 1 – What’s in your refrigerator?
‘Let’s take a break’ – RJ Balaji’s clamant call to his followers in the first episode of Jio Saavn Mind Voice is an 11-minute rejuvenation for the host and listeners. Alienated from the routine political and social affairs, he answers some of the funny and simple questions put forward by his followers through #AskBalaji. Sometimes, the simplest questions pave way for ‘Awareness’. Sounds funny right? Of course, “What’s in your refrigerator?” is a billion-dollar question that many would ‘pause’ if asked. From answering these queries to the unforgettable theatre moments during his college days, RJ Balaji assures that lots of fun, English and grammatical errors are on the way to celebrate.
Episode 2 – Ignorance is Bliss
Sometimes, it’s better to be deaf towards the negativity. Ignoring them can offer absolute peace. In this episode, RJ Balaji brings up a topic that fervently truthful. What’s more appealing is a couple of real-life illustrations – The Documentary film on how news impacted Americans and Canadians on the good and bad side. His experience of visiting a paradisiacal hilltop village in Cherrapunji, where people over there never knew about ‘Demonetization’ that changed his perception towards life.
Episode 3 – The Marvelous Land of K-Town
It’s 21 days of Mind Voice! In this episode, RJ Balaji in request to one of his followers and suggestions lists the festivals of Tamil cinema. From Pre-Look to Motion Poster, anniversaries of film’s release date and the countdown to celebrity birthdays, the creators of Social Media pages are indeed astounded about the way film buffs to celebrate their matinee idols and movies.
Episode 4 – The nostalgias of half-yearly exams
A special moment for every listener to travel memory down the lane as RJ Balaji takes us a nostalgic trip to our school days, where examination and festival holidays were the heaven on earth experience for the 80s and 90s kids.
Episode 6 – The Cardamom diaries
Marking the special occasion of Christmas, RJ Balaji recollects an incident that happened for the nth time – cardamom’s shock bite when the tastebud is soaked in delicious Kesari. The show is yet another nostalgic memory for the 90s kids when they celebrated every festival with soulfulness, which in contrast has become nothing, but a holiday counts for the current generation.
Episode 7 – Abdul Kalam’s 2020 vision
Abdul Kalam and ‘Super Power India 2020’ have been the inseparable terms and he is greatly remembered for this statement. As school kids, it was a moment to envisage the fantasies of superfly cars and what not? However, what’s the reality now and what actually does a developed country mean? RJ Balaji’s reminiscences about his experience in Miami and Bhutan, which is about human values leaves a big question mark in everyone’s mind.
Episode 8 – My evergreen hero AR Rahman
This is quite an inherent part of our childhood, where every kid would decide their dads’ stature as Hero and sometimes even ‘Don’ based on the crackers and diaries he gets for Diwali and New Years. It’s a special tribute to Madras Mozart AR Rahman as he recollects the best moments of listening to his music. From buying Minsara Kanavu cassettes for Rs. 99 and Jeans cassette in a unique package and the greatest celebrities in school were the ones, who had ‘Kandukondein Kandukondein and Alaipayuthey’ on Side A & B.
Episode 9 – From Deepika Padukone to Credit Card queries
This episode streamed close to Pongal season whelms more with queries from Nagercoil to Chennai, where Deepika Padukone’s issue over protest to the most commonly asked question ‘Can I prefer a Credit Card?’ gets a funny reply from RJ Balaji.
Episode 10 – Fall in love with your mother tongue
In this episode, RJ Balaji recollects his experiences in Japan during his latest visit. He doesn’t get into comparison but has some beautiful thoughts registered here. One among them it’s better to understand the language that is being spoken in your country and region rather than struggling to acquire command over foreign languages.
Episode 11 – Bidding adieu to long phased holidays and winter
December-January is always a special boon for kids, teens, and grownups, especially the latter month. The holidays and chilled climatic celebrations are the moments to celebrate, but it’s now time to bid adieu. The shopping memories with beating from mom and later a Rose Milk as peacemaking gesture is discussed in prologue, which is followed by yet another topic, which is so close to us.
Episode 12 –  Softy Ice creams at Spencer Plaza
For many kids and teens, Spencer Plaza was once an alternative ‘Foreign Land’. From the centralized ACs to the escalators and 5 rupees softy ice creams, it was the most celebrated emblem of Chennai, which is more like a spoiled palace as we see in some movies. RJ Balaji relates this to the celebration of Valentine Day with a week left ahead for it.
Episode 13 –  Looking back into his ‘96’ with humorous version
While 90s kids indulged in nostalgic memories watching Vijay Sethupathi-Trisha’s “96”, RJ Balaji brings up his tale of his first love. It’s evident that there’s a slightly painful experience, but he narrates it with a humorous spell, which will leave you in splits.
Episode 14 – The extravaganzas of Kerala House and Sangeeth Ceremony
A blend of humor and thought-provoking scenario as RJ Balaji brings up the most prevalent scenario of how a man and woman begin their married life with unwanted expenses with minus 50Lac rupees commitment.  From Sangeeth Ceremonies to the Bachelor parties adapted from alien countries, it’s quite a commendable one that you can share with everyone indeed.
Episode 15 – We need Peace!!!
‘Peace’ is the need of the hour. With ongoing communal clashes from the North to the South, RJ Balaji expresses his grief over the current issue that is depriving us of a peaceful life. He brings up the instance, where the King of Bhutan asked his people to adopt a stray dog on his birthday, which created more harmony in their region.

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