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Samantha turns all gritty to ‘Do

With all eyes on Samantha’s ‘Yashoda’ teaser releasing on September 9th, interesting insights from the team stir up the buzz. Directed by the talented direction duo Hari-Harish this high-octane action thriller is known to be made on lavish budget, leaving no stone unturned by Senior producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad. According to the sources, the teaser […]Read More


Katteri Movie Review

Filmmaker Deekay’s maiden debut ‘Yaamirukka Bayamey’ was acclaimed for his ability to toast a horror flick with more humor. While horror comedies had become a cliché in theaters, he broke the barrier and enthralled audiences with his amazing storytelling. More than a horror flick, it was more like a horror tale we hear as bedtime […]Read More

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Attractive first glimpse of Samantha’s Yashoda

Yashoda opened her eyes. The world she’s been watching around her isn’t the same anymore. The environment, her dress, her watch and the silence seemed surprisingly different to her. While the heartbeat is resonating in her ears, she went to open the window. Noticing a pigeon that resembled the freedom she wants, tried to catch […]Read More