The Neurological Society Of India’s 2-Day Program Young Neurosurgeons Forum Inaugurated In Chennai

 The Neurological Society Of India’s 2-Day Program Young Neurosurgeons Forum Inaugurated In Chennai

Neurological society of India is an organization founded in the year 1951 and is an active association with over 3200 members. Young neurosurgeons forum is part of the society with members who are less than 45 years of age and within 10 years after completing their Post graduation in Neurosurgery. Though this forum was already there, it was relatively inactive till now but with induction of many new members and request from them, it was decided to conduct a special meeting to address their concerns which are unique.

The Neurological society of India’s 2-Day program (11th & 12th June 2022) is dedicated to young Neurosurgeons. Around 200 Young Neurosurgeons from all over the country have enrolled to attend this program.

The Agenda – to discuss issues like –the challenges faced by them in establishing Neurosurgical units both in Government and private sectors; Managing difficult and complex cases and avoiding complications; for promoting research and publication; to undergo further training in newer advances in accordance with western world. Senior faculty members from across various premier institutes will be the panellists and guide the young neurosurgeons by interacting with them and give them advisory measures to find solutions.

This 2 day program is unique as it is first of its kind with a view to guide them to be future leaders in their territory.

Inauguration – 11th June 2022 on 10:00 am

Dr. Roopesh Kumar VR
1. Challenges in establishing Neurosurgical units in New Institutions and in the private sector. (Both Tier 2 and Tier 3 Centres)
2. How to create visibility in Neuro Surgical Practice, optimal use of social media, tips to choose insurance for indemnity, maintaining health records of Patients.
3. Mentorship and fellowship programs – when, what and how to choose
4. Complications management and interesting case discussions
6. Importance of publishing and how to choose journals for publication- Tips and tricks.
6. Residents forum- What they expect out of their training programs and the challenges faced by them.

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