Trigger Review

 Trigger Review

Pramod Films’ “Trigger” directed by Sam Anton, featuring Atharvaa Murali, Arun Pandian and Tanya Ravichandran has musical score by Ghibran.

Atharvaa Murali plays an undercover cop, who joined the police force for the only reason to redeem his father’s reputation (Arun Pandian), an ex-cop, who during his service in 1993 was framed and punished for no mistake of his. Decades later, the son gets interwoven into a case that lets him revisit the past, and stop the present-day crime as well, thereby settling the personal score as well.

There are few moments in the movie, where we find Atharvaa Murali flexing his muscles, and delivering impeccable spell in action sequences. He has elevated his skills in this particular aspect with lots of dedication. Be it the pre-interval fight sequence or the chasing sequence in climax, we find him literally high on energy. At the same time, he has to look into his body language as it remains same in all the movies. His screen presence will have more charisma, if he can look into this aspect. Sam Anton’s writing deserves special mention. The story might look like a time-worn premise as a son’s attempt to redeem his father’s glory or the regular cat-and-mouse stuff, but the way, it has been incorporated well into the play is appreciable. It is noteworthy that Sam doesn’t get into the unwanted domain of songs, romance and unwanted comedy tracks. Especially with actors like Munishkanth and Aruthaangi Nisha accompanying the hero, we are given an impression that the movie might become mediocre in the latter part, but convincingly, doesn’t. Sam Anton has given importance to some supporting actors like Chinni Jayanth and Arun Pandian, which makes the screenplay intact. The only drawback that audience might feel is few scenes slightly getting repeated over and again during the second half while the first half is laced with racy and gripping screenplay. Tanya Ravichandran as the female lead role doesn’t have more scope, but has decent appearance.

The background score by Ghibran helps a lot in screenplay’s enhancement and action sequences are outstanding.

Overall, Trigger has a plot that looks familiar, but the laudable screenplay keeps us engrossed with action, thrill and emotional package.

Verdict: Good writing, adrenaline-packed action sequence and decent package makes the show look convincing

Rating: 3/5

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