Varalaru Mukkiyam Movie Review

 Varalaru Mukkiyam Movie Review

Actor Jiiva becomes a top choice of filmmakers when they’re ready with a comedy-caper script with the protagonist being happy-go-lucky youth. Most of the time, this has been a safe and scoring zone for actor Jiiva, who comes up with yet another entertainer (Mindless) Varalaru Mukkiyam directed by newcomer Santhosh Rajan.

The storyline is simple and the opening shot indicates to audiences that you’ll have to drop your logical and rational process outside the theaters. The story is about a devil-may-care young boy (Jiiva), who falls in love with a Malayali girl (Kashmira). With the families getting into a feud, the couple faces opposition from both their family elders. Will the young chap manage to get hitched to his lady love?

If stress buster is what you’re looking out for, then VM becomes an ample treat for you. It’s not a family entertainer, but an adult comedy that has cheeky lines and sequences that might appeal to the interests of its target audience. Director Santhosh Rajan needs special mention for not just restricting the entire premise to this domain, but attempts spreading humor through every single character. Say, for instance, it’s not just VTV Ganesh, who keeps tickling our funny bones, but we get to see the humorous episode between KS Ravikumar and Saranya Ponnvanan as well, especially when the former’s ex-girlfriend visits him. Jiiva as usual takes a cake walk, and such roles are tailor-made for him. Shah Raa, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, and Siddiqui are good with their performances. Both Kashmira and Pragya Nagra have nothing to perform but have done what is required from their roles.

The musical score by Shaan Rahman might not be a takeaway for the audience, but the cinematography is good. The visuals are composed properly in accordance with the film’s premise.

On the flip side, the initial moments of the film, where the portions involving Jiiva’s attempt to woo both the girls in the house gives a dragging impact. But sooner, the story gets into the right space and entertains the crowds.

Overall, Varalaru Mukkiyam is a mindless entertainer that will amuse the crowds, who are not looking for an intense tale, but a jolly experience for the next couple of hours in the theaters.

Verdict: Entertainment is guaranteed from the word ‘Go’
Rating: 3/5

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