Vezham Movie Review

 Vezham Movie Review

A weekend loaded with so many releases that include Maamanithan, Maayon, and Pattampoochi has yet another inclusion – Vezham. The movie featuring Ashok Selvan, Janani, and Ishwarya Menon in the lead roles is directed by Sandeep Shyam and is produced by Keseven of K4 Creations.

The movie opens with Ashok Selvan happily biking with his girlfriend (Ishwarya Menon) across the dew-capped hills of Ooty. In an unexpected turn, Ashok is severely hit by a rod, and his girlfriend is killed brutally with an ‘X’ marked on her hand. Seven years later, we see Ashok Selvan as a depressed man devastated by the huge loss. Enters Janani, who befriends him, and has a one-sided love for him as well, but the protagonist cannot get over the past. It’s revealed that his girlfriend wasn’t the only one, but many victims were killed with an ‘X’ mark. Ashok has no clues to hunt down the serial killer, except for his voice. Will he be able to catch him red-handed? Will the relationship between Ashok and Jani work out? Do they get united or not forms the crux of the story.

Ashok Selvan, with every movie, attempts to prove that he is a content-driven star. In his movie, he has significantly delivered a good performance. Be the happy young man living a paradisiacal life with his girlfriend, and the ultimate transition into a depressed angry young man, who has pain in his heart, but wrath in his soul to seek revenge, both the layers are very well exhibited by the actor. Ishwarya Menon has done a good job. Although her portions get over by the initial moments, she appears in the flashback moments, which displays her decent performance. Janani has always been proving her proficiency as a good star. She is someone, who is always ready to explore her potential as a performer in any given role. Although these lead actors attempt to give the best spell in Vezham, they are slightly spotted as doubtful and vague in a few portions. Nothing to blame them, but it could have been due to some obscurity in understanding what actually the scene and situation demands from them.

When it comes to the narrative part, the screenplay is very well written in many parts. In particular, the first hour keeps us so much engaged with thrills and some unexpected twists in the second hour. There are a few moments, where we start doubting even the protagonist, and well we don’t want to reveal the climax as we like to save it for your experience in the theater. On the other hand, such greater moments are very limited, and some scenes look a little stretched out. Most of the scenes look predictable. The screenplay slightly has the pace dropping down now and then.

Technically, the musical score by Jhanu Chanther is appreciable and the cinematography is good as well. Both these technical departments support in a lot in keeping the impact decorous.

On the whole, Vezham owns a good story premise, and director Sandeep Shyam keeps surprising us in a few parts. If he had invested some more time and energy in crafting the screenplay with taut and gripping moments, Vezham would have been an outstanding piece of work.
Verdict: A Good plot with some interesting moments, but the screenplay could have been crafted grippingly
Rating: 2.5/5

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