Vikram Movie Review

 Vikram Movie Review

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Kamal Haasan’s Vikram, the much-awaited flick has kept us brimming with a plethora of anticipations for various reasons. Obviously, the first being one the revival of Kamal Haasan’s career with a perfect commercial treat, and then the encapsulation of the wizards of South Indian industry like Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil, and then Suriya. Lokesh Kanagaraj (Maanagaram, Kaithi, Master fame) has directed this movie and has shared his writing credits with filmmaker-writer Rathnakumar. This duo together has delivered decent and pretty appreciable works, where the star values of the A-league actors got very balanced with their credible works too. Usually, filmmakers directing the top stars always have a challenge as it’s always a walk-on-thin wall scenario, where the probability is either getting eclipsed by the star’s charisma and star power or proving the directorial proficiency by simmering the star value. But this team has always been on the balance, which makes them the most-wanted among the leading actors’ league. So, how well have they handled it with Vikram which comprises the biggest stars from different generations like Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil, Suriya, and others…?

The film opens with the brutal death of Karnan (Kamal Haasan), who is killed a few months after the murder of his foster son Prapanchan (Kalidas Jayaram), an honest police officer. With the serial killings on the spree, the police department appoints a Government’s sleeper-cell officer Amar (Fahadh Faasil), who sets out to unravel the mystery. But as he keeps digging the grave of mystery, he is exposed to the appalling truths.

As with the movie ‘Vikram’, what’s so appreciable is the brilliant screenwriting. The way, every character is designed with proper detailing, and the way it keeps exhibiting its prominence throughout the movie is appreciable. In fact, this might look a little repetitive for the ardent fans of Lokesh Kanagaraj as his movies have never been a single character-driven plot, but multiple or at least an equal balance of hero-villain as in Master. His movies Maanagaram and Kaithi have been movie sub-plots. Apparently, we do start feeling the same with Vikram, but with the presence of so many star-cast eclipses these reminiscences. There’s a sort of magical play that Lokesh Kanagaraj tries to experiment with, and it does work out very well. To be precise, it’s about the way; he links his erstwhile outing ‘Kaithi’ through few characters including the voiceover of Karthi in the climax. This needs special mention indeed. Apart from sketching the lead characters with absolute depth and intensity, the other characters too have been neatly described. One of the most promising surprises is the role of Teena, which gives unlimited Goosebumps. The open ending that brings together the world of Kaithi and Vikram deserves special mention.

When it comes to performances, it’s a flawless show overall. It would look like a stretched-out analysis if we keep delving into the performance of each actor. It’s Kamal Haasan’s show all the way, and it’s more like watching our Rambo and Terminator amalgamated together. Of course, this might look like a superficial statement, but the man flexing his muscles is outstanding. Fahadh Faasil is the next one to steal our attention. The emotions he conveys through his eyes with body language under a composed state are appreciable. Vijay Sethupathi too gives his best in the show, but we are faintly reminded of his characterization in Master. While the screen is completely dominated by a bunch of powerhouse performers, While every single character has been sketched with so much of detailing and intensity, we get to experience a thunderstruck surprise with the role called Agent Teena, which sends forth a huge lease of Goosebumps. An amazing work by the actress and Lokesh has crafted it stunningly. Anirudh has equipped himself with lots of promising potential. He keeps showing up now and then with his tremendous BGMs. In the second hour, we might find that the BGMs are repeated, but it doesn’t look like a minus. It’s really great to see the visual craftsmanship of Girish Gangadharan in many places. The long shots, mise en scène, and aerial shots during the action scenes are very well shot.

Very rarely, we do come across movies where every crew member can claim the reason behind the success. Vikram becomes ample evidence of this paradigm as it belongs to each and everyone in the team. In particular, the ‘Writing’ stands out to be the main element that keeps us engrossed for 3 hours of show.

Verdict: Vikram keeps you engaged with thrills and raciness from the word ‘Go’ till the end.
Rating: 3.75/5

Review by – Magesh

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