Gatta Kusthi Review

 Gatta Kusthi Review

Genuineness is the core mantra of a film’s success. Are you making a movie based on Quantum Entanglement that teases your brain or a simple entertainer that throws out the logical issues, and still keeps you engrossed, all that audiences look up to is ‘Genuineness’. The visual promos of Vishnu Vishal-Aishwarya Lekshmi starrer ‘Gatta Kusthi’ would have notified that it doesn’t belong to the ‘Nolan’ club, but a simple ‘Tamil Padam’ that has elements of humor and emotions to engross the family audiences.

The tale of Gatta Kusthi might faintly trace out to yesteryear’s classic ‘Manal Kayiru’ and 90s’ hit movie ‘Pistah’, but then, director Chella Ayyavu toast feminism by blending the ‘Tied Wrestling’ concept.

A guy (Vishnu Vishal) with a devil-may-care attitude dreams of marrying a girl, who gets ticked in all the boxes of his expectations – Lengthy hair, uneducated, polite, and submissive. He finds the heaven-meet-earth moment during his first meeting with the girl (Aishwarya Lekshmi) and gets hitched. However, his life gets Topsy-Turvy, when he finds out that his wife’s true identity is as a wrestler.

There are two options for an actor to sprout up and grab everyone’s attention. One by straining a lot with the male-dominated script, and another to keep the female protagonist in the front seat, and take a step back that has more probability of getting favored. Vishnu Vishal sticks to the latter classification, where you’ll find the entire movie ruled by Aishwarya Lekshmi. She has greased up her elbows to deliver the best. None of her action sequences look artificial. Vishnu Vishal has minimal importance when compared to Aishwarya Lekshmi, but delivers a flawless performance and feeds a perfect dose of what is required from his characterization.. The comedy sequences by Karunaas, Kaali Venkat, Kingsley, and Hareesh Peraadi work out well.

Technically, the cinematography and music are good but don’t have the scope to put them ahead of the narrative.

While the first half has myriad hilarious moments, the second hour dives into the emotional zone, but they don’t lose out our attention.

Overall, Gatta Kusthi deserves a watch by audiences, who have been waiting for a time pass entertainer.

Verdict: A decorous family entertainer with good moments
Rating: 3/5

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