My action prep for Tiger 3 was at least for about two months!’ : Katrina Kaif

 My action prep for Tiger 3 was at least for about two months!’ : Katrina Kaif

The first female spy of the YRF Spy Universe, Katrina Kaif aka Zoya from the Tiger franchise, is a character that Aditya Chopra has shown is equal to a man at every step of the way. She is a fierce, intelligent & brutal spy who can match anyone toe to toe when it comes to action.

Katrina has made Zoya her own and the makers have constantly taken her character a notch above in every Tiger film. The actress has relished at pulling off incredible stunts and hand-to-hand action set pieces that no woman has ever done on screen before. In Tiger 3, Katrina will push the envelope of action even further and reveals she has prepped for around 60 days before pulling off the larger-than-life action sequences!

Katrina says, “Tiger 3 shows that there is nothing that a woman can’t do when it comes to saving her family or a nation or humanity. A character like Zoya is important and necessary to tell people that girls can be nurturers as well as fierce protectors. Zoya is one of the most cherished roles of my career!”

She adds, “I love how she can match anyone with her grit and courage. She doesn’t back down from a fight and she can be as good as if not better than a man when it comes to doing action! Zoya’s style of action is also unique and she can pull off some very complicated action sequences with ease like the one you see a sneak peek of in the trailer! Zoya is pitted against an army of enemies and she fights all by herself!”

Katrina loves the fact that YRF has made Zoya’s character more fierce with every film! She says, “I love action as a genre and playing a spy is a dream come true! I knew that this was going to be a part of my legacy, so I always give my 200 percent for this franchise. Every Tiger film has taken Zoya’s character a notch above, and she has fought harder, and it has been bloodier. That’s the USP of the character, which I love!”

Katrina adds, “For Tiger 3, my action prep was at least for about two months. We wanted Zoya to look agile, have more speed, and greater strength. I really had to go through the grind and it was definitely the toughest training of my career so far, when you see the kind of action that Zoya has done, you will realise that such sequences may not have been attempted by a women before.”

She further says, “Executed by some of the best action teams in the world, I’m super excited for audiences to see these sequences on the big screen.”

Produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Maneesh Sharma, Tiger 3 is set to release this Diwali, Nov 12, Sunday. Katrina is paired opposite superstar Salman Khan, who reprises his iconic role as super agent Tiger, the OG of the YRF Spy Universe.

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