Parambariyam pattukottai Kamatchi Mess inaugurated by Actor Senthil

 Parambariyam pattukottai Kamatchi Mess inaugurated by Actor Senthil

Parambariyam pattukottai Kamatchi Mess inaugurated by Actor Senthil, Big Boss Fame Sandy Master, Actor Richard @ Medavakkam

Parambariyam Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess Now Open At Medavakkam The fast-growing restaurant brand promoting the authentic traditional cuisine of Pattukottai,the Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess, has launched its Medavakkam branch. The restaurant,which is famous for its seven-curry meals and sumptuous portions, has been winning the hearts of Chennai foodies who have a taste for the best and the authentic. Several socialites and celebrities graced the grand launch of the branch yesterday, including actors Senthil, Actor Richard, and of course the latest Bigg Boss fame, Sandy master. and his wife.

The promoters take pride in bringing the ‘parambariya samayal’ (heritage cuisine) of Pattukottai to Chennai. Cooked with the closely guarded in-house masalas on woodfire and cold-pressed oil, the exciting array of dishes satiates all the fantasies of non-veg aficionados. With each meal ordered, seven different types of gravies and curries are served. The mouth-watering gravies are Prawn gravy, Crab gravy, Fish gravy, Mutton gravy, Kaadai (Quail) Gravy, Chicken Gravy, Nattukozhi Gravy and also served with Rasam, Curd & Karuvadu Thokku. The curries and piping hot rice are unlimited, but the side dish must be ordered separately with each meal. Some of the must-try dishes are prawn thokku, kaadai fry, fish fry Mutton Liver, Mutton Kola and Karandi Omelette. The highlight of the meals at the restaurant is the ‘karuvaadu thokku’ (dry fish pickle), peeled shallots served on the side, and the thick curd served in small mud cups.

Meat and seafood are the mainstays at Pattukottai Kamatchi mess, and the vegetarians only get some cursory attention with koottu and poriyal cooked with seasonal vegetables. Of course, after all that indulgence, it helps the non-vegetarians to have some veggies to washdown the guilt!

Dinner has the usual suspects idli, idiyappam, parotta, kari dosai etc but comes with exceptionally tasting side dishes such as Attukaal Paaya, Meen Kuzhambhu,, Chicken Kuzambhu & Mutton Kuzambhu.Dining at the new 80-seater branch is not just a treat to your taste buds, but its décor is a feast for your eyes.

Right from its elegant vintage Chettinad style teakwood door at the entrance to the vibrantly painted mud pots panel on the ceiling at the reception, every detail is carefully curated. The super-sized murals are not just eye-catching but also bring to life the rustic charm for the diners to savour an idyllic culinary retreat. The good-sized hardwood top tables and the upright chairs are very functional to comfortably enjoy the banana leaf feast without fighting for elbow room. With a clean layout and a mix of ambient and accent lighting along with the ample personal space, the restaurant exudes comfort for all types of diners – lively families, boisterous buddies or the easy and unfussy business types. Service at the restaurant is homely yet courteous and attentive.

Arun Kumar, Pradeep Kumar and Vignesh Mohankumar, the trio behind this branch, are IT Engineering graduates. Arun and Vignesh are brothers, and all three are friends from college, and they have fulltime careers. Arun works for an American multinational, Pradeep manages his family’s construction business and Vignesh is a director at a mobility solution and consulting company. They share a common love for food, and they are pretty obsessed with the regional cuisines of the country. Having said that, they did not start their entrepreneurial venture in the F&B industry. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, the trio first forayed into the salon and spa industry by securing the sub-franchise for Essensuals by Tony and Guy. They now have three outlets at Chrompet, Medavakkam and Navalur. Their innate interest and a nose for recession-proof industries have led them to venture into the F&B industry with Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess. They have got off on the right foot indeed!

A quick introduction to the eponym of the brand and the cuisine – Pattukottai is a town in the Thanjavur district. Owing to the town’s location along the corridor connecting the river-fed delta to the rain-fed southeastern uplands of the state, the cuisine of Pattukottai negotiates a meld of the spicy chettinad and balmy delta cuisine. Almost all supplies including rice, spice and oil are sourced right from the lap of the brand’s origin -Pattukottai- to uphold authenticity.

Speaking at the launch of the Medavakkam branch Mr.Sudhakar & Mr. Selva Kumar, a visionary founding partner behind the chain, said, “ we are thrilled by the overwhelming support and appreciation shown by the people of Chennai. From the very first outlet until this day, the patronage has been strong, stable and growing. Thanks to the Almighty! We do take meticulous care in attending to every detail of our operations, right from sourcing to the service. We don’t compromise on the authenticity for the sake of taste, and this makes us unique and inimitable. At this branch, we have splurged a little on the décor to give our guests a refreshing setting for a wholesome dining experience. We aim to revive a niche heritage cuisine and success comes from the little details that we pay attention to” On the rope theme that dominated the décor, the trio quipped, “ it’s a hint at our mission ‘rusila katti poda porom!’’ (meaning, ‘ we are here to tie you down with taste’).

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