Working in Mahaan was an unforgettable experience – Chiyaan Vikram

 Working in Mahaan was  an unforgettable experience – Chiyaan Vikram

‘Namma vaazhkai.. summa yaedho oru pannakaaranna vaazhnthitu setthirunoanra vaazhkaiyaa irukka koodaadhu. Oru vaazhkai. Varalaaraa vaazhndhidanum!’ -Gandhi Mahaan

If something brings as much joy as doing what we love most .. it is enjoying its success. Working in Mahaan was an unforgettable experience. To see that translate into such a phenomenal mega hit across four languages puts a huge smile on my face.

It’s been a long time since I reached out on social media to you my fans and well-wishers across the country. What could be a better reason than to say thank you for helping make Mahaan what it is. Thank you for the way you celebrated Mahaan. Every reel, meme, tweet and message of yours made me realise yet again how beautiful it is to have your love & support.. the encouragement that makes me want to strive to excel. I will remember this with fondness, humility & gratitude.

Thank you Karthik Subbaraj for giving me a spectacular canvas, the freedom to play Gandhi Mahaan to the best of my abilities & for being my guiding light.

Thank you Bobby. I cannot see my Satya in anybody else but you. Thank you Simran for being brilliant as always. Thank you Dhruv for rocking Dada and his many idiosyncrasies.

Thanks to the Mahaan gang for all the blood, sweat & tears that you shed to make sure Mahaan ‘lived big’. Thank you Sana, Shreyas & Dinesh S. Loved sharing the screen with your craft.

Thank you to the producer for making Mahaan a reality.

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