My Wife Is My Backbone! – Jiiva

 My Wife Is My Backbone! – Jiiva

If you guys want to Come into Cinema,Study Courses related to it.

To Share this stage with Jiiva feels like a father and son! -Actor Nasser at Loyola College Cultural Event.

I Thank Everyone who is responsible for this event to be successfull,because we all have been indoors for last 2 years.

And Today this Event is happening with Lot of happiness.

Loyola College and I have a deep Connection.All wish to study in Loyola College once they Finish their Schooling.But for that You have to Score Lot of Marks.So i didnt got that Oppurtunity.

Nowadays,VISCOM course is All over Tamilnadu but it was First started in Loyola College Only.

The meeting of Actors Association held here at Loyola College.I am not good at speaking but once i start i keep on speaking.So i would like to answer your guys are already tired in this two days so i will answer your questions.

Question: You have been in cinema industry for last 37 years ,how you made it possible?

Whatever field you work,you can work until you choose to take rest.The Teachers here too will retire after 40 years only.I chose Acting as a job only.Still now i act like i am doing a job.

Lot of Students wish to enter Cinema industry.Nowadays Cinema industry is much more Attractive than many other industry.When i came to cinema in 1984,there were no necessity of doing shortfilms or documentry films.

Because it is a big process and lot of investment is needed.Even if you have to take a picture,you have to convert if from negative film during that time.But nowadays it is not like that,you can shoot a movie in a low scale Camera itself.

There are two ways here,one you can choose cinema field as a job or you can do it as a passion while you are working in your respective can make your own shortfilms and you can be successfull.

But if you come to cinema leaving everything,I like to Welcome you with Open Arms because Cinema requires lot of new talents and new thinking.

If you guys wish to enter cinema,study courses related to it.If i have a headache i cannot go to a lawyer and ask for medicine.i have to ask a Doctor only.So you study according to your career.

Question:Say about Your wife being your backbone!

My wife is looking after my office.she studied psychology but she left everything for me to take care of my office.and she is taking care of our childrens too.Even if i earn lot my wife is the one who manages everything.

I believe that if you give a work to a women they do it better than men.looking at lot of girl childrens here i firmly believe that our country will grow even more.womens wont have any distractions so they do their work with full effort.

Im talking about womens because last week i came back from chandigarh to chennai.The pilot of the flight that i came is a women.when i was crossing Vadapalani i saw a women riding an auto.she asked me “How are you sir?”. I felt very happy.

All the events are very good and the last three perfomances was really great.i can see how much effort and time would have took for the performance.

It is not about winning the prizes,it is about taking part in the event.the time u took for rehearsal is all that matters.lets enjoy the process.

I am happy to meet you all.we will surely meet next time in a event like this.lets all be safe and follow the rules by government.

I am happy to share the stage with actor Jiiva.He came to see me when his first film shoot is happening.he expected that i will wish him but i asked him “you thin you can come to acting because you are a producer’s son”?.he got shocked because of that question.

Then i gave him some advices.I asked him to study some books.He followed all the things i told.i am happy to see him as a big actor now.My best wishes to him.

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