Yugi Movie Review

 Yugi Movie Review

Filmmaker Zac Harris’ Yugi is a bilingual movie made in Tamil and Malayalam featuring Natty (a) Natarajan Subramaniam, Kathir, Narain, and Kayal Anandhi in the lead roles. It’s a mystery-based investigation thriller.

The movie opens with the mysterious death of a leading superstar (John Vijay), from where, the story proceeds with a detective (Narain), a ruffian (Natarajan Subramaniam), and a suspended Sub-Inspector Rajkumar (Kathir) on the run to find whereabouts of a girl named Karthika (Anandhi), who is seen mysteriously disappearing by the initial moments of the film.

A retired police officer (Late actor Prathap Pothan) seeks help from an investigator (Narain) to know the whereabouts of missing Karthika, the daughter of his second wife, who holds a mystery involving some serious happening. He forms a team with a suspended sub-inspector Rajkumar (Kathir) and Shalini (Athmeeya) to investigate and get Karthika under the spotlight. On the other hand, a politician (Late actor RNR Manohar) insists his henchman (Natty) do the same. With both the teams in parallel mode running behind each trace to get Karthika, a shocking twist breaks out by the end of the movie.
Bringing up the positive aspects, Director Zac Harris comes up with a story that looks riveting, though the concept looks familiar with a few recent releases including Yashoda. But, the film does own some unique traits. Even the star cast is perfect and their acting too looks good. But the problem is the narrative process that keeps hampering us from getting connected with them. In particular, the role of Karthika played by Anandhi needs more emotional returns from the audiences, which in turn would elevate the entire film. In contrast, we see it occur and disappear in a few minutes.

The non-linear screenplay works out in a few places, but in major portions keeps shattering our attention. The technical aspects are worthy of appreciation, especially the cinematography. The screenplay turns out to be a little minus, and if it was shaped up with the right storytelling, then it would have been an engrossing spell.

When it comes to performances, Kathir manages to gain our attention during the latter part of the movie. Pavithra as his wife with a physical ailment tries to give her best. Narain looks perfect in the frame. Natty does what is required for his role. Anandhi’s character was supposed to be substantial, but it lacked the emotional punch.

Overall, Yugi wins our attention in a few scenes, but as a whole movie, it fails to score the best in retaining the attention of audiences.

Verdict: Yugi steals our attention in a few scenes, but as an overall movie, sticks to the passable graph.

Rating: 2.75/5

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