Captain Movie Review

 Captain Movie Review

Actor Arya starrer Captain is written and directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan, who earlier made movies – Naaigal Jaakirathey, Miruthan and Tik Tik Tik with Jayam Ravi followed by Teddy with Arya. All these movies turned out to be a decent profitable venture in the trade circle. This significantly elevated the expectations on ‘Captain’, which is a first-of-its-kind Sci-fi thriller based on Man Vs Alien combat.

Captain Vetri (Arya) and his team mates are given a challenging mission to accomplish – Trace the aliens inside deep rooted forest of Northern India, but the secret unraveled by him brings open the truth behind all these mishaps.

What made Shakthi look different from other filmmakers in Tamil industry is his ability to translate big-budgeted Hollywood movies based on sci-fi thrillers into medium-budgeted Tamil movies. His attempt continues with ‘Captain’, which will definitely reflect many Hollywood movies and series including the latest sensation ‘Stranger Things’. By looking into the trailer, we had clear picture about what to-and-what not to expect from this movie. Yes, the first probable thing that would strike our attention is the budget spent on this project. Usually, movies based on this genre would definitely demand for sumptuous budget, which or else, would lower down its value. Unfortunately, we experience the same with ‘Captain’, where the CG and VFX looks mediocre. On the other hand, the screenplay looks too plain and we don’t find any strong efforts from the team. From the word ‘Go’ till the climax, everything looks predictable, and what actually should have been surprise elements doesn’t amuse us anywhere.

Actor Arya had proved his acting prowess, whenever he gets substantial characterizations, but he has nothing to perform here. He struggles throughout the movie unable to express as there aren’t big sequences to do so. Aishwarya Lekshmi appears in cameo, and she doesn’t have any value to the movie. Humble request to Tamil filmmakers, she is a great actress, and hope to see them utilize her in good roles. Simran has a decent screen time. The others in the star cast are just okay.

The film has no scope for songs, and a couple of tracks in the first half don’t fit anywhere. The theme music is extraordinary. Cinematography is good. VFX and CG works are completely disappointing.

On the whole, Captain is a disappointing fare that doesn’t excite or engage you anywhere.

Verdict: Lack of engagement and poor VFX ruins the show

Rating: 2/5

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